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Weinhaus Kissel GmbH
Dipl. Ing. Karl Kissel
Ernst-Ludwig-Strasse 3
D55291 Saulheim

Phone.: +49 (0)6732 960240
Fax: +49 (0)6732 960241
E-Mail: info@kissel-weine.de

Ust-IdNr.: DE 245130606

Seat of business : Saulheim
Managers: Marika Kissel and Dipl. Ing. Karl Kissel
Register of companies: B 31342, Amtsgericht Mainz




The publisher of these pages cannot guarantee that the information provided is accurate, complete, current or of a particular quality. Liability claims against the publisher or participating authors of the website of the Weinhaus Kissel GmbH for damages, material or non-material, which are incurred due to the use or non-use of contents offered or due to the use of possibly inaccurate or incomplete information, are impossible; with the exception that the publisher or an author has demonstrably acted on purpose or out of gross negligence and thereby caused a damage. All contents is noncommittal. The publisher reserves the right, to change, amend or delete parts of ithe nformation or whole pages without special announcements and to stop publishing it for a certain period of time or permanently.   

References  and links

With direct and indirect references to external websites ("hyperlinks") which are  outside the responsibility of the publisher  a liability would only be in effect in such case if the author had knowledge of their content and if it were technically possible and could reasonably be expected to prohibit the use in case of illegal contents. The publisher of the website of the Weinhaus Kissel GmbH does explicitly declare that no illegal contents was seen on the linked pages at the time when the link was added. The author does not have any influence on the current or future design, contents or authorship of the linked pages. If advised of any illegal contents on linked pages, the publisher  will take care of eliminating and deleting such links from his website. This applies to all links and references that are placed within his own website.  There is no liabilty assumed by the publisher of the website of the Weinhaus Kissel GmbH  for illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents, respectively the damages resulting from the use of such content and information; the liability for such external content rests solely with the authors or owners, managers of such external websites.

Copyrights and traemarks

The publisher endavours to recognize in all its publications the copyrights of texts used, images, audio documents, video sequences, etc. and to use self authored and self published texts, images, audio documents, videosequences, etc.  All trademarks mentioned on the website of the Weinhaus Kissel GmbH that are protected by thrid parties are subject to the respective valid trademark laws and the rights of the registered owners. Just because a trademark has been mentioned does not constitute that a trademark is not protected by third parties.
The copyright of published and produced works and objects remains with the respective author of those contents. Copying and use of such texts, images, audio documents, video sequences, etc in other electronic or printed publications must be approved first by explicit written consent of the publisher.

Data protection

Where personal information (e-mail address, name, address, etc.) is entered on pages of the website of the Weinhaus Kissel GmbH,  such information is given voluntarily by the user providing the information. The use of information given in the imprint and similar data, such as  published contact data like address, phone and fax numbers, em-ail addresses by third parties for sending non-requested information is expressly prohibited. We reserve the right to legal steps against senders of so-called spam mails which violate the above regulations.

SPAM Mails

Unfortunately, it does happen that SPAM mails with doubtful contents are sent to possibly thousands of recipients, where possibly an sender e-mail address with "...@kissel-weine.de" is used. The publisher of the website of the Weinhaus Kissel GmbH has absolutely nothing to do with such mails and will therefore not take any responsibility or liability for such SPAM mails, which are to be regarded as criminal activity.
No advertisement mails are sent from e-mail addresses of the Weinhaus Kissel GmbH ( ".... @weinhaus-kissel.de"). Any announcements are only sent to e-mail addresses of persons who have registered themselves to receive such information.  Such e-mail addresses are not passed on to third parties, but they are used solely by the Weinhaus Kissel GmbH for internal use in accordance with the stated purpose for collecting the information.
You should ignore and delete any SPAM mails. This can be automated by the use of SPAM filters and SPAM filtering software or modules in e-mail software.

Legal notice

This information with disclaimer is part of the website of the Weinhaus Kissel GmbH.  Should parts thereof or individual statements  perhaps not conform, or no longer conform to current law, the other parts and rest of the document remains untouched and valid.