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Our motto: "As little as possible - as much as needed"

The determined working toward a high quality already starts in the vineyard. A purposeful trimming of the vines in spring, an environmentally friendly treatment and a conscientious working with the soil during the growth have an effect on the wine to increase its quality. The consistent observation of the development of the grapes during summer makes possible to harvest the grapes at the perfect time. The grape harvest, according to very strict criteria and the careful treatment of the harvested grapes, together with a guided fermentation form the necessary foundation for the quality oriented preparation of the wine which we endeavour to achieve.

The special screw top

The crew top used by us has been developed especially for wine. Using a tiny tin sheet it closes the bottle neck airtight. Your wine remains protected as valuables in a safe. At the same time you can be assured that no cork taste can develop and that the wine remains fresh. Another advantage is that you can repeatedly close the bottle airtight and thus you can keep the wine in case you do not finish a bottle during one evening. We fill our "noble wines" only in bottles with thís new high quality screw top to provide this advantage to you.