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About us

In 1714 our ancestors came to Saulheim and laid the foundation for an agricultural business. With zeal and diligence they soon acquired a good reputation which may be seen even today by a street in the old part of the village, the "Kisselgasse", which was named after our family. 

In 1923 Karl Kissel I, the grandfather of the present generation, began to do business with wine. Purchasing vineyards, he began step by step to establish a wine shop which he operated together with his wife Kätha since 1923. During World War II, he served his country as a soldier while his wife  and their son Karl who was born in 1928 and who was still a minor continued to conduct the wine business on their own. In 1944, their family home was destroyed by the only bomb hit on a private home in Saulheim. After the end of the war, the family was able with determination and diligence to rebuild the business.

Since 1981, Karl IV, grandson of the "first Karl", conducts the family business together with his wife Marika. In 1995, their son Magnus Karl was born, who already is very interested in everything about the work in vineyards, in the wine cellar  and sales of wines alongside his still to be completed school education. His preferred choice of career: "Wine grower". Thus, the continuation of the family tradition is secured.